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Auswahl Top Referenten

Matthias Beyer

Managing Director, mascontour GmbH

"Sustainable travel products are becoming increasingly important. We will show you how to easily find them in the future."

"Klima – Kunde – Kommunikation: Wie lassen sich nachhaltige Reiseangebote erfolgreich verkaufen?"
ITB CSR Day, 10.März

Bild Matthias Beyer

Dr. Oliver Heckmann

Vice President, Engineering, Shopping and Travel, Google Inc.

"Looking forward to discussing the latest from Google Travel at ITB Berlin Convention!"

"ITB Keynote-Interview: Google’s Innovationen: Realtime-Demonstration bahnbrechender Travel Technology-Lösungen"
ITB Future Day, 08. März

Bild Oliver Heckmann

Kenny Jacobs

Chief Marketing Officer, Ryanair

"Ryanair’s low fares transformed air travel in Europe and now we’re going to transform the package holiday market with the launch of “Ryanair Holidays”

"ITB Keynote: The Future of European Tourism"
ITB Marketing & Distribution Day, 10.März


Olaf Koch

Vorstandsvorsitzender, Metro AG

"Facing the challenges of tomorrow: becoming future proof by being sustainable and efficient."

"ITB CEO Keynote: Heute schon für morgen handeln – Nachhaltigkeit in der Unternehmensstrategie"
ITB CSR Day, 10. März

Bild Olaf Koch

Doug Lansky

International Tourism Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, Travel Journalist and Author

"The Great Tourism Debate: We'll go head to head on the latest hot topics! Get a ring-side seat for the big fight. Tourism punches will be thrown and YOU will select the winner of each round!"

"The Great Tourism Debate"
ITB Future Day, 08.März

Bild Doug Lansky

John Christian Kornblum

Senior Counsellor, Noerr LLP
ehem. US-Botschafter in Deutschland

"The challenges of globalization are disrupting societies around the globe. Political leaders have so far failed to provide answers. No one will be able to escape the pressure for change."

"Keynote 1 - Die neue Ära der Weltunordnung: Die Multiplikation der Krisen"
ITB Future Day, 08. März

Bild John Kornblum

Charlie Li

CEO, TravelDaily China

"This is just the beginning: Chinese hotel investments are transforming tourist flows in Europe"

"Großinvestments der Chinesen in Europa: Wandel der Hotellandschaft und Umleitung chinesischer Touristenströme?"
ITB Destination Day 1, 08. März

Bild Charlie Li

Jochen Mai

Wirtschaftsjournalist & Karrierebuch-Autor

"Knowing your manners is crucial in the workplace. Those who appear professionally are more likely to be recommended for leading positions and will be able to handle critical situations with charm."

"Business-Knigge“: Manieren, Gepflogenheiten und Fallstricke im Berufsleben"
ITB Young Professionals Day, 08.März

Bild Jochen Mai

Paul Moxness

Vice President, Corporate Safety and Security, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

"I’m proud to participate on a panel providing practical insight on how collaboration creates safe, secure and successful travel experiences."

"Safety First"
ITB Hospitality Day, 09. März

Bild Paul Moxness

Dörte Nordbeck

Head of Travel and Logistics Germany, GfK

"Crises and terrorism are changing travel behavior like never before. The tourism world map is being redrawn."

"Safety & Security: Die Neuordnung touristischer Destinationen"
ITB Destination Day 2, 09.März

Bild Dörte Nordbeck

Norm Rose

Präsident, Travel Tech Consulting

"The Next Big Thing: Artificial Intelligence is turning the travel industry upside down in an unprecedented way!"

"The Next Big Thing: Künstliche Intelligenz – Disruption von Reiseentscheidung und –buchung!?"
ITB Marketing & Distribution Day, 10.März

Phocuswright Fast Track
eTravel Stage, 09. März

Bild Norm Rose

Gillian Tans

President & CEO,

"What does think of the future of technology and travel? I will tell you at the ITB Berlin Convention!"

"ITB CEO Interview: One-On-One With Influential Industry Leaders"
ITB Destination Day 2, 09.März

Bild Gillian Tans

Oguz Yilmaz

ehemaliger Youtuber (Y-TITTY) & Digi Berater, Whylder

"Influencer Marketing: A sharp weapon, where curse and blessing can lie very close to one another."

"Influencer Marketing: Fluch oder Segen für die Touristik?"
Weitere ITB Marketing Sessions, 09.März

Bild Oguz Yilmaz

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