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eTravel Stage Day 3

eTravel World

March 7, 2014

10:30 - 17:00

Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage


Imagine knowing the hotel preferences of potential consumers who just booked a flight to your destination, and that you could reach and engage them as soon as they were looking to book a hotel. There is huge potential and power with this knowledge, allowing you to customize your marketing campaigns and have one-to-one conversations with prospects at scale. With the right data, paired with the effective use of Real Time Bidding, you will be able to serve your prospects the right message at the right time and place. Big Data is a popular marketing buzzword, but is the success of a campaign really locked on the quantity of data, or is it the quality of the data that counts? And if you have finally found the right data, how do you use and optimize it to have the most successful campaign? Find the answer to these questions, and more, at this session.

Stephen Taylor, Vice President and Managing Director International, Sojern Download Presentation

12:00 - 13:00

The website and two companies, Ausschnitt and BrandsEye, offer the ability to convert online converge into exact values. Using examples, the different approaches and possibilities will be presented and explained. Directly following the lecture, there will be an expert panel discussion – and audience participation is encouraged.

Moderated by:
Angelika Schwaff, Download Presentation

Melvin Boecher, Founder & CEO, &
Dr. Jan Janzen, Head of Social Media,
Carina Schmitz, Junior PR-Consultant, häberlein & maurer
Yvonne Zagermann, Travel Blogger,

The presentation is about why effective storytelling in digital marketing is crucial in differentiating your offering, educating consumers and convincing them to act and purchase. Specific social media strategies, platforms, and tools to enable exposure, engagement, brand advocacy and conversion are introduced and it will be explained how to leverage the power of engagement with bloggers as storytelling agents – to help tell and share your story.

Daniel Noll, digital Storyteller, Speaker and Consultant, Uncornered Market Download Presentation

One of the top young entrepreneurs from Bulgaria will show us how the electronic means on disposal could benefit the tourism development in the underdeveloped but rich in sights, attractions and quality feedback the region of Sliven to bring its potential forward. The tour operator he owns and manages is the exclusive and the only strictly niche promoting the Sliven region and bringing customers from around the world. Hristo Yanev will explain and show how a passion turns into a start-up using innovative technology to become the premier tour operator dealing with the Sliven region in Bulgaria.

Yanev Hristo, Founder & CEO, VIP-Sliven Ltd

E-travelling is heavily device-centric. Characterized as mobile-in-the-world device with last-minute qualities or as mobile-home-device for browsing pre and post of any trip – each device comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Wearable technologies introduce even more practical functions and features for leisure and business travel. Getting in touch with a highly electronically equipped traveller comes with a multitude of opportunities and just as many challenges. So, ask yourself a question: Does my service resonate with the multi device traveller?

Joakim Everstin, Head of Customer Innovations & Technology Partner Program EMEA, Sabre Travel Network Download Presentation

Traffic jams, high fuel costs and a shortage of parking spaces are making it increasingly unattractive to own and use a car. New providers of car-sharing, bike-sharing and long-distance buses complement public transport and air travel. Travelers are always “on” – they’re increasingly well-informed and use smartphones. At the same time, our mobility needs are increasing – we commute to work, travel for business, visit friends and take shopping trips. Our paths are becoming much less foreseeable and their variety is increasing – sometimes we go this way, sometimes a different way, depending on the current situation’s costs, time frame or means of transport – or simply our mood.

The key to smarter mobility for both private and business travelers is the flexible usage and combination of different means of transport, depending on the reason for travel and the destination.

Intermodal and intramodal mobility planning for private and business travelers, using Qixxit as an example.

Friederike Aulhorn, Head of Qixxit, DB Vertrieb GmbH Download Presentation

Andy Braxton, Head, Mobile User Experience,
William Parkinsin, Product Manager,

16:30 - 17:00

In 2010  six friends at the Technical University of Berlin founded komoot to develop a personal guide for bicycle and outdoor experiences. In the same year, the young company from Potsdam won the „Springboard“ VIR Innovation Competition in the „start-up“ category. With a 7-figure sum for initial financing, komoot took the next step towards offering the best recommendations and navigation for all outdoor activities in November 2013.

How did the growth phase proceed? Were there ups and downs? What were the challenges for marketing, funding, personnel and product adaptation? 

Markus Hallermann, Co-Founder, komoot