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Business Travel Strategy Day (1)

ITB Business Travel Days

March 6, 2014

13:45 - 17:30

Hall 7.1a, Auditorium New York 2

The 2-day program assists decision makers in the business travel world to continue their successful work by identifying and evaluating trends at an early stage. The motto is “The travel management architecture of tomorrow”. Top-class speakers share their insights and offer sound judgments.

Hosted by:

Gerd Otto-Rieke, Publicist


He saw the earth with the eyes of an astronaut during his Shuttle Mission 1993. Ulrich Walter shares his experience in vivid words and with exclusive pictures. He also talks about the prospects of space tourism. And addressing travel managers he reveals his very special memories of travel expense reporting with NASA.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter, Chair for Space Technology, Technical University Munich

How risky is it for women to travel on business internationally? What can they do to avoid hazardous situations? Good advice is in demand – since 1970 the share of female business travelers soared from one to about 50 percent.

Tina Hirt, Head of Human Resources Travelmanagement, Festo AG & Co. KG

It´s not always the big dangers that make womens´ lifes more difficult on interantional business trips. It’s rather a conglomarate of handicaps, obstacles and complications which are in the way. What are the most irritating of them and how can they be conquered? How sensible and innovative are suppliers shaping their travel products?

Moderated by:
Gerd Otto-Rieke, Publicist

Panel guests:
Tina Hirt, Head of Human Resources Travelmanagement, Festo AG & Co. KG
Susanne Schick, Senior Manager, Fraport AG
Susanne Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, Ringhotels

15:45 - 16:00
Introductory lecture

Corporate Apps and the Learning Curve

Corporate apps include interfaces for hotels, rental cars and taxi, they compile iteneraries, cover crises and basic disruption management and deliver context-related location-based services. Is all that really used by the business travelers? What experiences have been made? What possible barriers have emerged and how can they be overcome?

-Marina Hegemann, General Manager, TouristMobile GmbH


Panel discussion


Mobile Solutions – Has the Next Age Already Begun?

Mobile hardware of the present generation seems to have peaked. Will wearable technologies be the next standard? Will Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications mushroom? Will new opportunities for visual, auditive and kinesthetic solutions enter the market? What will social media, Enterprise 2.0, network access and security demands trigger? Let’s take a look at the immediate future.

Moderated by:
Gerd Otto-Rieke, Publicist

Panel guests:
Martin Eckart, CEO, MAD – Mobile Application Development GmbH
Marina Hegemann, CEO, TouristMobile GmbH
Siegbert Mattheis, Managing Partner, Mattheis Werbeagentur GmbH
Christian Rosenbaum, Manager Strategic Relations and Head of VDR Expert Committee Technology, i:FAO Group

Agenda 2014-2020 for travel management companies (TMCs): What will their future added value be? Will they focus on operations or support clients strategically? Which new competences will be needed? Are TMCs indispensable or will travel be directly booked? Are travel managers irreplaceable or will outsourcing work quite well?

Moderated by:
Oliver Graue, Editor-in-Chief, biztravel

Panel guests:
Winfried Barczaitis, Managing Owner, wb Business Support
Oliver Hirt, Managing Owner, litehouse consulting
Marion Klar, Director Consulting Mainland Europe, HRG Consulting
Andreas Konkel, Travel Manager, Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG
Marcus Scholz, Manager Corporate Mobility Services, Dürr Systems GmbH, TIC-Travel Manager 2012
Florian Storp, Managing Director, Egencia Germany