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Keynote: The Global Travel Industry in 2023

Future, Hospitality, Marketing

March 11, 2016

10:35 - 11:00

Hall 7.1b, Auditorium London

By the year 2030, over 1 billion additional people will be traveling with mobility use for travelers producing a convergence of retailing and location services. If one thing has been a constant in the travel industry, it is change. Today more than ever, significant events are transforming our industry at a pace never seen before. Millennials are replacing baby boomers as the dominant travel group and reshaping the way we think about hospitality and service. New technologies – from augmented reality to predictive technology – travel has both new opportunities and challenges. With 90% of the world’s population online, travelers judge their experiences by how much they feel like magic and if the experience doesn’t measure up – it will be quickly abandoned. Learn what disruptions have shaped our industry into the current state it is today and why seven years is the furthest we can look into the future due to the accelerated pace of change of technology innovation.

Keynote Speaker:

Greg Webb, Vice Chairman, Sabre