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Ariane Janér

Ariane Janér is a Dutch zoologist with an MBA who has been working with sustainable development in Brazil since 1991. She is active in the field both as a consultant and through NGOs.

Through her company Bromelia Consult she has been involved with projects that range from developing community tourism projects to implementing sustainable procurement in large companies, from designing tours to setting up websites, from business plans to marketing plans.

Together with other ecotourism pioneers, she co-founded the NGO EcoBrasil in 1993, in order to help develop ecotourism in Brazil. She has been an advisory board member for TIES, ABETA (Brazilian Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism Association). She is a co-founder of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN) and is a board member of the Golden Lion Tamarin Association. Ariane is also technical director of the Instituto Homo Caballus (iHOCA). This NGO promotes horse riding and equestrian culture for well being and as a way of connecting man to nature. She is also part of the Climate Reality Leadership Program in Brazil.

Ariane builds on her experience in marketing and finance acquired through a career at Royal Dutch Shell, as a free-lance consumer market researcher for Euromonitor, as a financial analyst for Baxter Straub and as owner/director of an ecotourism operator. She is a regular speaker at events in Brazil and also internationally and has contributed to various publications, both popular and academic.


Ariane Janér
Member of Transition Team
Global Ecotourism Network (GEN)
Latin American Ecotourism Network (LACEN), Co-founder, Instituto EcoBrasil

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Ariane Janér


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