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Dr. Jin Zhun

Dr. Jin Zhun, secretary general of the Tourism Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, associate research fellow, doctor of Management and the master supervisor of the Institute of National Academy of Economics Strategy, specially appointed expert of World Tourism Cities Federation and a member of the China Society of Urban Economy. His research fields include tourism industry policy, tourism investment management and international tourism comparison. He is also the associate editor in chief of two authoritative annual reports in China´s tourism and leisure field - Green Book of China´s Tourism and Green Book of China´s Leisure. He participated in the formulation of important tourism policies of the National Tourism Administration, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Finance, presided over and participated in dozens of national tourism research projects commissioned by the General Office of the State Council, the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning office, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Finance, National Tourism Administration and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has been invited many times to teach classes for cadres organized by central ministries and commissions.


Dr. Jin Zhun
Secretary General of the Tourism Research Centre
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Jin Zhun


Mittwoch, 6. März 2019, 14.00 - 14.45 Uhr
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