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Mikhail Krymov

Mikhail Krymov built a successful architectural company ( in Moscow and led it to success for 10 years, winning major international awards and competitions. He also was editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine about architecture and design. Mikhail moved to the U.S. in 2015 and after a year at MIT, started Sleepbox with Peter Chambers as co-founder and COO.

About Sleepbox, Inc.
Sleepbox, Inc. takes a luxury minimalist and technology-driven approach to the hospitality industry, offering its rooms with futuristic and compact options that can be installed virtually anywhere in a fraction of time and cost of traditional hotels. Sleepbox offers a technology-driven, on-demand, premium-quality micro-hotel experience. Sleepbox´s patented, modular, stand-alone technology brings comfortable, accessible and safe accommodations where travelers need them most. We start with bringing Sleepbox to airports as an hourly service for travelers, experiencing delays and long layovers, and we continue by launching Sleepbox hotels in landmark locations, converting existing commercial spaces into hotels.


Mikhail Krymov
Sleepbox, Inc.

Krymov, Mikhail