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Responsible Destinations Forum

Kongress Preisverleihungen

6. März 2019

14:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Palais am Funkturm, ITB Kongress Awards


Organized by ITB in cooperation with respontour + WINTA

Opening ceremony by Rapa Nui - Easter Island - 2 traditional dancers of the Ma´u Henua Indigenous Community

„The Art of Engaging and Sustaining Authentic Indigenous Experiences“
The Indigenous Tourism Seminar will offer a discussion around the definition of Indigenous Tourism and share visions of Indigenous Earth Wisdom : "Weaving a Future that Benefits All of Us".
Indigenous senior consultants from the USA, New Zealand, Easter Island and Sweden will discuss themes of good practices among successful indigenous experiences and explore how indigenous tourism can shape a conscious movement to make tourism a powerful tool to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

Followed by
ITB LGBT Award Ceremony

Rika Jean-Francois, CSR-Beauftragte, ITB Berlin

Keynote Speaker:
Ben Sherman, Chairman, World Indigenous Tourism Alliance WINTA

Aurélie Debusschère, CEO, Native Immersion, Europe Agent WINTA

John Barrett, Kapiti Island, Aotearoa
Magdalena Edith, Director, RapaNui Tourism Authority
Anniina Sandberg, Founder / CEO, Visit Natives, Norway


Chosen from the Sustainable Destinations Top 100, the ‘Best of the Best’ sustainable destination awards will be unveiled and presented in a glitzy event on the Palais Stage. Come and find out the destinations who are the 2019 BEST OF:
- Culture and Communities: for global leadership in protecting culture and tradition, involving local communities, and avoiding overtourism.
- Cities: the  city showing global leadership in urban sustainability and avoiding disruptive mass tourism (overtourism).
- Nature: the destination showing global leadership in protecting wildlife, natural habitats and landscapes.
- Ecotourism: the destination showing global leadership in offering responsible ecotourism opportunities.
- Seaside: the coastal or island destination showing global leadership in offering sustainable water-related tourism and leisure opportunities.
- the Planet: the best green destinations of Africa, Asia-Pacific, The Americas, and Europe.
- and the ITB Earth Award: for the destination showing global leadership in combating climate change and environmental degradation.

Contact for further information:

Lonneke de Kort, CEO und Co-Founder,

Albert Salman, Präsident, Green Destinations
Valere Tjolle, Editor, VISION on Sustainable Tourism