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Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, Director of Ideas and Innovation at The Experience is the Marketing has been making his influence felt for over twenty years. he’s been a significant player with some of the world’s most respected marketing services groups, including Interpublic, Grey and Saatchi. He now works closely with a vast range of companies and brands helping them understand and then drive business growth. 

A long-standing disruptor and thought leader, now investor, speaker, strategic consultant and relationship manager, with a huge catalogue of success behind him. But it’s the future that interests him more. 

Having explored every discipline within the marketing mix, Kevin has a rare understanding of every conceivable touchpoint between a brand and its most valuable audiences. His passion and enthusiasm for driving growth is second to none. The rules for this are simple: – ‘Business growth starts with personal growth, we need to treat people as people, entertain them, educate them, connect them with each other – and add value to their lives.’


Kevin Jackson
Director of Ideas and Innovation
The Experience is the Marketing

Kevin Jackson


Freitag, 6. März 2020, 14.00 - 14.45 Uhr
Kongress Halle 7.1a, Saal New York 1