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Welcome to the Travel Hero Podcast by ITB!

The Travel Hero Podcast features intimate talks with inspiring minds of the tourism industry.

Why travel heroes? Well, the tourism industry is full of big achievers and thrilling personalities. We want to reveal the souls behind big names and successful brands, want to bring the global minds, the travel heroes, of our industry to your ears. In the episodes we unfold how our travel heroes became who they are today. What are their lessons learned. What makes them passionate about the tourism industry. What tips do they have in store for all the travel heroes out there.

There are two types of episodes of the Travel Hero Podcast: While the “Soul Talks” are face-to-face interviews with inspiring personalities sharing anecdotes, stories of success and failures and practical tips, the “Deep Dive” episodes discuss trend topics like future mobility, climate change, disaster management, travel technology, marketing and sustainability in tourism.

Why ITB you might ask? It‘s as simple as that: Since more than 50 years ITB brings people from all over the world together and thereby unites an entire industry on a show floor. It’s a people’s business. And that’s exactly what the Travel Hero Podcast is all about: connecting thinking minds like you and our guests in sharing real-life stories by real people

Travel Hero

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The voice behind the Travel Hero Podcast belongs to Nico Gutjahr, talk show host and moderator, who we like to describe as cheerful, eloquent, charming guy, entertaining and nosy, in a very positive way. Nico sure knows how to tease out the unknown. He hosts his own web talk show ( actors, actresses, politicians, musicians and many more.  

Deep Dive: Women in Travel Tech | Charlotte Lamp Davies | A Bright Approach

Inspiring Charlotte Lamp Davies talks about women in the travel tech industry, equal opportunities of man and woman alike and about the importance of mentoring and role models. According to Charlotte the two things you need if you want to be successful: Integrity and communication skills, because in the end your reputation will be everything!

Soul Talk | Kash Bhattacharya | BudgetTraveller

This is Kash Bhattacharya on his life as a travel blogger, author and travelholic. He talks about his mission on the transformation of hostels and why being in a hotel is a real experience today! He has the travelled the world and his answer on the most amazing country he's ever been to comes quick like a shot.