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Sustainable Food & Beverage Management In Destinations

Deep Dive Sessions

March 6, 2019

17:00 - 17:45

CityCube Berlin, Cube Club

Sustainable food & beverage management can become the linchpin of sustainable destination development. In a completely redesigned supply chain, authentic, regional, sustainably-produced agricultural products such as wine or olive oil are offered or presented in hotels and on excursions. The results are more sustainable agriculture, improved customer experiences and product quality and higher local added value. The example of Crete shows how customers react to such offers, how local agriculture has been integrated and how hoteliers participate in the development.

Moderated by:

Andreas Koch, Managing Director, blueContec GmbH

Panel guests:

Sotiris Di. Bampagiouris, Co-Founder & CEO, LOCAL FOOD EXPERTS s.c.e

Konstantinos G. Bouyouris, Co-Founder & Chief Projects Officer, LOCAL FOOD EXPERTS s.c.e

Maria S. Valerga, Sustainability & Food Safety professional in Tourism, LOCAL FOOD EXPERTS s.c.e