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Which highlights to be expected at ITB Berlin Convention 2018?

The ITB Berlin Convention 2018 focuses on three key topics:

Overtourism: Fact, Fiction or Food for Thought?

Highlights ITB Berlin Convention 2018 - Overtourism

Global tourism has been growing significantly for decades, though one thing is already clear: Exponential growth is impossible in a finite space. There are natural limits to a sustainable environment, society and infrastructure.

Presently more and more conflicts are coming to light. Natives are rebelling against overtourism, cruise ships are experiencing a “shrinking world”, Airbnb & Co. are fighting against bans. For the first time, limits to growth are becoming clearly visible. We have reached a turning point. “Business as usual” will no longer work. New solutions for managing tourists – from setting quotas to fee models to the usage of smart technologies – need to be developed and tested.

Multiple sessions of the ITB Berlin Convention 2018 will address “Overtourism”. The latest research results will show us the status quo and promising solutions will be highlighted in panel discussions and interviews.

The Revolution of Travel: New Means of Transportation

Highlights ITB Berlin Convention 2018 - Revolution of Travel

The present-day transportation system isn’t sustainable: Resource consumption, noise and environmental pollution, traffic jams and wasted time – gridlock in metropolises seems to be unavoidable.

New technologies and digitalization are making revolutionary means of transport for leisure and business travelers possible. Prototypes in the test phase reveal: The revolution of travel will soon be reality. Fully-automatic flying electric drone-taxis, flying cars, hyperloop transportation and supersonic flight will all soon be available.

The ITB Berlin Convention will feature discussions with the makers of these innovative means of transportation and present research results regarding both customers’ acceptance and willingness to pay.

Digitalization: Practical Artificial Intelligence: Personalization and Customer Centricity

Highlights ITB Berlin Convention 2018 - Digitalization

Hardly any other topic is dominating society and business worldwide today as much as artificialintelligence. Technology giants and conventional industries are investing billions to improve production, products, interaction with customers and sales.

The ITB Berlin Convention will focus on the core of artificial intelligence solutions: Personalized product offers, a unique customer experience, personalized advertising and pricing.

The mantra “Absolute Customer Centricity” is finally becoming reality. What is the status quo of artificial intelligence and personalization? To what extent is the travel industry affected by the developments and which specific steps for using artificial intelligence should travel companies take? The challenges and potential of personalization will be discussed in multiple sessions.