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ITB Future Day


March 4, 2020

10:30 - 17:45

CityCube Berlin, Hall A4/A5 Logo 2

Social and economic mega trends and their impact on strategies and business models in the travel industry.

Hosted by:

Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady, Scientific Director, ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences


10:30 - 11:00

Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady, Scientific Director, ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences

  • The future of society, economy and tourism. 
  • Which trends, technologies and developments do you need to know and know how to combine in order to be successful in the future?
  • Premiere highlight: The innovative, interactive Creators format. YOU are shaping the future with voting cards. 
  • Experience how the global tourism industry sees the future and wants to actively shape it. 
  • Vote with us and influence the future scenarios that are being demonstrated.

Nils Müller, CEO, TrendOne


  • Disruptive technological developments, unmistakable climate crisis, bankruptcies like Thomas Cook, geopolitical trouble spots and threatening world recession, dramatic overtourism and much more. 
  • The global tourism industry in times of the perfect storm. 
  • What structural changes are to be expected in the European and global tourism industry? 
  • What will digital technologies achieve in the travel distribution of the future and how will artificial intelligence develop? 
  • How will people travel in the future and what role will sustainability play?

Interview guest:
Samih Sawiris, CEO, Orascom Development AG

Introductory presentation:
Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research, Euromonitor

Panel guests:
Coley Dale, Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships, Group
Rob Ransom, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development,

-In Cooperation with Arival- 

  • Tours, Activities & Attractions as in-destination services are a strategic mega topic. 
  • Tourists all over the world want special experiences in their destinations, they expect tailor-made offers and are prepared to spend more money on them.
  • How can this huge potential be tapped, and how can the technological challenges be overcome?
  • Are we experiencing a "quantum leap" in the individualization of travel offers, and can travel providers finally go back to differentiating themselves in terms of the quality of their offers?
  • This session will feature new insights from the first global study of this important sector, in partnership between Arival and ITB.

Introduction & Moderation:
Douglas Quinby, Co-Founder & CEO, Arival

Panel guests:
Wilfred Fan, Chief Commercial Officer, Klook

-In Cooperation with IPK International-

  • IPK World Travel Monitor® is the largest travel survey in the world, with data based on ca. 500,000 interviews.
  • Presenting the latest forecast data on worldwide and European travel behavior.
  • An indispensable basis for decision-making for the entire tourism industry.

Rolf Freitag, CEO, IPK International

-In Cooperation with Bitkom-

  • We´re already experiencing traffic collapses and massive environmental damage caused by unsustainable mobility systems today.
  • Traffic systems in a state of upheaval: Flying cars and passenger drones, mobility platforms and the digital revolution, the renaissance of buses and trains - we are entering a new mobility age.
  • What can urban aviation, artificial intelligence and digital platforms achieve and what are the limitations?
  • What will passenger traffic look like in the future on the ground and in the air?
  • What are the consequences for business and leisure tourism?
  • What should countries, cities and rural areas do now to make transport systems fit for the future?

Introductory presentation:
Andreas Perotti, CMO Europe, EHang

Panel guests:
Christian Höber, Co-Founder & CEO, Pinkbus
Stephan Leppler, CEO & Co-Founder, MotionTag
Andreas Perotti, CMO Europe, EHang

  • A look beyond the tourism industry at the mega trend of our time. 
  • Potentials and challenges for economy and society. 
  • What are the risks and are they manageable? 
  • Outlook: Digitalization in the future

Dr. Manuela Lenzen, Freelance Science Writer, Scientist, Keynote Speaker