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ITB Deep Dive Sessions 2

Deep Dive Sessions

March 5, 2020

11:00 - 17:45

CityCube Berlin, Cube Club

Intensive professional exchange with experts in small groups. 


  • A positive spin on sustainability: experience and enthusiasm instead of renunciation and avoidance.
  • Pilot project Mauritius: How is innovative product development carried out so that sustainability inspires tourists?
  • Exemplary cooperation between tour operators, the hotel industry, destination agencies and politicians in the destination, using Mauritius as an example.

Please note: This session is in German!

  • When it comes to booking their holidays people like to take some time to research before committing to travel plans. 
  • It is an ongoing challenge for marketing teams to capture the attention of these undecided bookers. 
  • In this masterclass, you will learn how YouTube can help marketers turn prospects into customers through video ads. 

14:00 - 14:45
15:00 - 15:45

Time to act is now: How governments and tourism industry can stop plastic leakage into the sea

-In Cooperation with WWF-

Introductory presentation:
Martina von Münchhausen, Sustainable Tourism, WWF Germany

Moderated by:
Nicola Koschel, Freelance Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Panel guests:
Sebastià Sansó i Jaume, Director General for Environmental Education, Environment and Waste Policy, Balearic Islands
Christian Schröder, Quality & Sustainability Manager, Wikinger Reisen
Martina von Münchhausen, Sustainable Tourism, WWF Germany

-in Cooperation with Futouris-

  • The awareness of the problem of marine pollution from plastic waste has reached the tourism industry.
  • In Futouris´ current industry project, member companies, the Balearic government and local partners are working together to reduce plastic waste in tourism.
  • How do processes need to be changed so that less waste is generated and not just shifted from plastic to other materials?
  • Are alternative solutions for the currently used disposable plastic products really more sustainable?
  • How can employees and guests be actively involved in the programs to motivate them to make their own contribution?

Introductory presentation & Moderation:
Prof. Dr. Harald Zeiss, Chairman of the Executive Board, Futouris

Panel guests:
Mike Brauner, Senior Manager Sustainability, TUI Group
Jo Hendrickx, Founder & CEO, Travel Without Plastic
Hansjörg Kunze, Vice President Communication & Sustainability, AIDA Cruises