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eTravel Stage Day 2

eTravel World

March 5, 2020

10:30 - 18:00

Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

Product news from the hospitality tech sector. Furthermore, focus on smart mobility, startups and news on AI & voice marketing. Also examples for TikTok in the marketing mix. Detailed descriptions of all individual events will soon be available here.


10:30 - 11:00

  • Lecture sponsored by Travelport (more details coming soon)

Damiano Sabatino, Vice President, Managing Director Account Management Europe, Travelport



11:00 - 11:30

  • Lecture sponsored by Cendyn (more details coming soon)

  • Recognise the macro shift happening within the global hotel industry, from distribution guesswork to deep intelligence
  • Learn why informed decision-making is critical to every hotel’s online marketing and sales strategy
  • Understand the role that factors such as pricing continue to play in every traveller’s booking journey, and how hotels can gain greater success online
  • Be among the first in the world to preview the latest evolution in SiteMinder’s platform, which levels the playing field for hotels once more

Clemens Fisch, Regional Director EMEA, SiteMinder
Inga Latham, Chief Product Officer, SiteMinder

12:00 - 12:30

  • Lecture sponsored by RateGain (more details coming soon)

12:30 - 13:00

  • Lecture sponsored by ALICE (more details coming soon)

Colin Barnett, Senior Regional Sales Director for EMEA, ALICE

  • Every day 3 start-ups tell about themselves
  • It is about their strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • They pass on their personal learning
  • On Stage: CheckIn, Mindsay, Questo

Moderated by:
Dirk Rogl, Advisor, Strategic Communicator, Rogl Consult

Antonio Bustamante , Founder, CEO, Chekin
Alex Govoreanu, Co-founder, CEO, Questo
Guillaume Laporte, Co-founder, CEO, Mindsay



  • Socialbnb connects tourists with social and ecological aid organisations (NGOs) around the world. In this way, the Start Up opens up a completely new group of people for tourism: What challenges arise in the cooperation with aid organisations?
  • How can a tourism be created from which all sides benefit? How can the local population be better integrated into tourism so that they also profit from it and tourism is not seen as a necessary evil but as an opportunity.
  • The origin of the idea of Socialbnb - How the construction of a small school in Cambodia became a worldwide tourism platform.
  • Sustainability is also important in the tourism industry: How to deal with this trend? What does sustainability actually mean for a tourist? What can sustainable tourism look like?
  • What role does a local and authentic experience play for young travellers and how can this target group best be reached?

Alexander Haufschild, Chief Marketing Officer, Socialbnb
Nils Lohmann, CEO, Socialbnb

  • Electric scooters became legal in Germany in 2019. Tourists adopted them quickly, how will this change sightseeing in the coming years?
  • Autonomous vehicles such as self driving cars - when are they coming and what will this mean for vehicle based sightseeing 
  • A look at early autonomous sightseeing vehicle designs, including those operating today or at concept stage
  • Feedback from early customer experience trials. Will customers want these new vehicles?

Alex Bainbridge, CEO & CTO, Autoura

  • TikTok is the trend platform of the year for many and is considered the latest must-have app. No wonder: 5.5 million Germans already use TikTok every month and they spend about 50 minutes a day in the app.
  • So is it worthwhile for tourism marketers to take a closer look at TikTok? We show how tourism players can use TikTok in their marketing mix.
  • Find out by means of case studies which possibilities the app offers to reach more than Generation Z and to build up a close customer relationship.

Ulrike Katz, Managing Director, justZARGEScommunicate!

  • Hands-on experience from different parts of the world
  • peer-reviewed pros and cons for successful ventures
  • newcomers and investors share their expectations
  • Q&As from the audience

Panel guests:
Dr. Thomas Bodmer, CEO, Co-founder, Next Floor
Miri Danai, CEO, Cockpit Innovation hub
Brian Marrinan, Co-Pilot, Propeller Shannon
Laurent Queige, Director, Welcome City Lab
Tim Schwichtenberg, Senior Investment Analyst, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH

  • Short lecture about intelligent personal assistants and their importance for tourism. What can the language assistants do and what not (yet)? How reliable and helpful is the communication in natural, human language with the disruptive software?
  • The hot seat: Sleeping with the Enemy Those who voluntarily bug their homes and offices give up any privacy. Or is this fear of Alexa, Cortana, Siri & Co. exaggerated? We talk turkey

Gerd Otto-Rieke, ITB eTravel-Team

Speaker and Interview Guest:
Ralf Eggert, CEO, Travello GmbH

  • Friction is one of the biggest threat to businesses today as consumer expectations continue to rise with the pace of technology
  • Danger of frictional losses is increasing, as the customer journey is often very fragmented
  • Learn from Facebook about their vision of a Zero Friction future and how consumers engage with travel brands on their platforms

Jan Starcke, Travel Industry Lead, Facebook