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ITB Experts Forum Wellness


March 5, 2020

10:45 - 14:50

CityCube Berlin, Hall A1


Best practice examples and the latest research data.

How will the Wellness and Spa industry develop? The spa and wellness culture, as it exists today, has many and different roots. They stretch from the ancient spa and bath traditions of Germany and Central Europe, to the cleansing rituals of the Near East, and into the spiritual lectures in the Asian and Pacific area and beyond. This seemingly inexhaustible source of offers and treatments gives rise to one of the most exciting and innovative global tourism markets: The future lies in products and services providing meaning, depth and unique value. Outside the top resorts and hotel brands, the spa industry remains fragmented and has relatively modest amounts of capital available. The consequences of misreading the market can be terminal to a business. Understanding client expectations and how to generate loyalty is core to inspiring a new generation of spa and wellness clients.

New themes, topics and trends in this dynamically growing market segment are the focus of our ITB Experts Forum Wellness, which is being organized since 2004 in cooperation with ITB Berlin and the quality collaboration of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts (

All speakers are available for interviews after their sessions outside of the auditorium.

Hosted by:

Michael Altewischer, Managing Partner, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts


10:45 - 11:00

Michael Altewischer, Managing Partner, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

  • History of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka
  • Current State of Ayurveda Tourism
  • Ayurveda’s multiplier Effect
  • Why Sri Lankan Ayurveda is Unique 
  • Challenges and Future

Asoka Hettigoda, Managing Director, EMEA Online Business, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resorts & Spas

  • Supporting self-healing skills through:
  • Natural Food - What is natural food and what does denatured food do in our body
  • Natural remedies and their effects
  • Biomechanical balance - What are the consequences of permanent sitting on our physical and psychological state?
  • The importance of the parasympathetic nervous system - what possibilities are there to support recovery.

Sven Huckenbeck, Group Spa Director, Ensana Health Spa Hotels

  • There is currently a $ 134.3 billion wellness real estate industry worldwide
  • What are the special features of this branch of industry?
  • Adrien Deniau provides a basic understanding of the peculiarities of the development process of wellness real estate and the need for a specific approach

Adrien S. Deniau, Consultant, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness

  • 4WR2020 research was published in 2012 predicting major changes and developments in the wellness market
  • 4WR#2 revisits the predictions and forecasts from 2012: products, markets, development
  • Introduction of the findings of the new study 4WR#2: Wellness 2030
  • It is rather exciting to see how the predictions materialized or not and checking what may happen in the next 5-10 years

Dr. László Puszko, CEO & Co-Founder, Health Tourism Worldwide

  • The drastic increase in mental health problems could cost approximately $ 16 trillion worldwide by 2030
  • Which sensible measures can help people on the one hand and reduce costs on the other?
  • What opportunities do wellness retreats offer with focus programs on the following topics: mental health, stress acceptance and dealing with anxiety
  • Which of the available alternative healing methods can gain importance in the wellness hotel industry?

Fabian Modena, Manager Market Research, Horwath HTL Health & Wellness

  • Assessment of regional assets and resources
  • Working with strong national brand: extension of current brand pillars or creating competing brand propositions?
  • Wellness services vs. wellness tourism
  • Wellness for markets of different maturity and understandings

Adalberto Rodriguez-Fallas, Marketing Executive, Costa Rica Tourism Office

  • Mental wellness - according to the theory - already successfully implemented in practice:
  • What concepts and requirements does a wellness hotel need to be able to offer mental wellness?
  • Which guests are attracted to the MentalSpa concept with its OASE health model © and why does it work?
  • Fritsch am Berg is a leading specialist in this promising area since 2015.

Diana Sicher-Fritsch, Life Coach & Mental Coach, MentalSpa Resort Fritsch am Berg